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Board Of Directors

Kirby Azak

Kirby Azak / Director

K’ok’hleenhl way̓. Laxsgiik n’iiy’ – Wilps Laay’. Gitwinksihlkw wil w’itgwiy’, iit New Westminster wil jogay’. Hello, my name is Kirby Azak. My parents are Chester (Haymaas) and Audrey Moore. My husband and I have 4 daughters and 10 wonderfully loud and fulfilling grandbabies, with one more on the way. I have lived away from Gitwinksihlkw for 20 years. My formal education is in First Nations Administration and I have worked with FN organizations for over 30 years. My skills are in program development and my recent experience is in working for FNHA as the Eligibility Manager for FNHA’s Health Benefit program. I have experience working with Indigenous Services Canada (Health Canada), Jordan’s Principle and with NLG Eligibility Dept. My goal as a Board Member is to help NVHA in developing a culturally sensitive, robust and transparent Nisga’a Health Benefits program, and improved service standards to meet the needs of the Nisga’a Nation.
Alvin Azak

Alvin Azak / Director

Simgigat ganhl sigidim haanak, sgook dimni t’ooyakshl n’idiit an lihlkhl Ayuukhl Nisga’a wilt anookdit dim dii kwihl huksgwiy’ as dip n’idiit an dimt an japhl aama agu dim wila aam dim wila kwihl jaxjogam. Dim sim k’algootiniy’hl gasgoohl da’akhlgwiy’ ahl gagitgum hahla’als sgit angoogam. I am very honored and grateful that the Nisga’a Lisims Government has allowed me to serve the Nisga’a Nation as a Board Member for the Nisga’a Valley Health Authority. As a past School Board Chair and long time School trustee, I have found great satisfaction in working with members of the Nisga’a Nation who continually request and deserve excellence in the delivery of programs and services. I believe that I can assist the Board in developing a plan that will respond to the health needs of the Nation.