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Our Mission

Genxhl Dim Luu-Yoxgwihl NVHA, Dim Gan Hugaxam Diyeetkwshl Hahlaĺs

The path to be followed by the NVHA, so that work is properly carried out.

NVHA believes in working together with health practitioners, Nisga’a Lisims Government, Village Governments, other funding agencies, and neighbours to share collective knowledge and wisdom in the delivery of health programs and services that meet the needs of all clients in K’alii-Aksim Lisims (the Nass Valley).

As health care providers, we are facilitators of better quality health. We promote, and assist in the process of making healthier choices that lead to healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy spirits.

Our goal is excellence in the government of aboriginal health in the North. We are transparent, and accountable to the Nisga’a communities we serve. Our mission to improve health through health promotion, quality service delivery, and education and research will be achieved by:


  • Providing better quality, culturally relevant services that treat illness, and assist individuals, families, and communities in becoming and remaining healthy.
  • Fostering and promoting respect in our organization, and nation.
  • Respecting and valuing each person’s contribution to the Nisga’a community.
  • Promoting traditional and cultural approaches to health and community education.
  • Delivering health services and programs that serve the communities, and meet the needs of individuals, families, and groups.
  • Engaging in clinical, social, economic, and cultural initiatives that promote the health of Nisga’a, other aboriginals, and peoples from all cultures.