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Mental Health & Wellness

Dim hooýim’hl aeýim gdoodim’ ahl silgadim’.

“We will use our compassionate heart for others.”

Our health is indigenous, handed down through our oral code from Time Immemorial, guided by our traditional laws of Respect for our Minds, Bodies, and Spirit.

The Mental Health and Substance Use Program provides services that include traditional wellness, to assist persons and their families experiencing difficulties with mental health and/or substance use.

Mental Health is treatable.

Counselling Services
Psychologist (visiting)
Psychiatry (visiting)

Provide support services for individuals with mental illness and their families
Provide Case management
Works in collaboration with psychological services

Referrals to Residential Treatment
Referral to traditional Wellness activities and community functions
Referrals to Provincial Resources
Refer to “Exceptions” Committee

The first step in accessing the service is to fill out a Mental Health Referral Form.

2 Ways of Accessing a Referral Form:

NVHA Receptionist in your local health centre can help you fill out a referral form over the phone.

When answering questions, it is not necessary to go into detail. Just give the basic information (ex: addictions, family issues, trauma, or by email, scan or fax for screening.  The Team Lead will contact you for additional information in order to connect you with an available service provider who will best meet your needs.

Gingolx: 250-326-4219
Laxgalt’sap: 250-621-3274
Gitwinksihlkw: 250-633-2611
Gitlaxt’aamiks: 250-633-5000

Contact Mental Health Team Lead Laurie Murphy Directly
Work Cell:  250-975-1639 * This is the only number that Laurie can check regularly for messages
Fax:  250-633-2641
Office:  250- 633-2611