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Crisis Intervention Counselling

Short-term Crisis Intervention Counseling may be provided by a recognized professional or a mental health therapist when no other services are available to the client.


What is Covered?


  • The initial assessment

  • Development of a treatment plan
  • Fees and associated travel costs for the professional mental health therapist when it is deemed cost-effective to provide such services in a community

All Nisga’a citizens are pre-authorized for two (2) Crisis Intervention counselling sessions.


What is Not Covered?


  • Chronic mental health illness and issues requiring long term therapy
  • Addictions counselling for drug and alcohol abuse
  • Marriage counselling
  • Matters before the court
  • Parenting skills
  • Therapy for sexual offending behaviour
  • Neurological/legal and educational assessments and/or interventions


Who Can Provide Crisis Intervention Counselling?

Therapists registered with a regulatory body from:


  • Psychology
  • Clinical social work, the province or territory in which the service is provided

In exceptional circumstances, service providers from disciplines other than clinical psychology or clinical social work may be considered.


How to Access Crisis Intervention Counselling:


  • Step 1:  Contact the primary contact, Corrine McKay, Director of Programs or the secondary contact, Denise Eli, NIHB Program Manager, at 1-888-233-2212.
  • Step 2:  Client contacts their own counsellor or receives referral.
  • Step 3:  Counsellor applies to NVHA to become a service provider if not already a service provider.
  • Step 4:  Application is authorized or declined.
  • Step 5:  Sessions can begin if application is approved.


What are your responsibilities?

Non-Insured Health Benefits is the payer of last resort, so please claim under any other health plan before contacting NVHA.

Tell the provider that you are eligible to receive benefits under the Nisga’a NIHB Program, and provide your Great West Life benefits number, and your Nisga’a Citizenship No.

Attend your scheduled appointments. Appointments are limited to 8-12 visits per year. Counselor will not be paid for “NO SHOWS”, so please attend all appointments.