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Nursing Services


In association with regional health authorities, community health representatives, public health, and mental health, the nursing team is responsible for providing quality, essential healthcare services to the 4 communities of Gitlaaxt’aamiks, Gitwinksihlkw, Laxgalts’ap, and Gingolx. Often being the first point of contact for community members who primarily live in a more isolated setting, nursing staff, deliver care to approximately 2500 people who live within the Nass Valley.

The Goal of Nursing Services:

Recruitment and retention of qualified nurses who enjoy working autonomously and willing to take on a role in delivering remote certified care. Review and improve training and education programs for nurses living within each community with an ongoing commitment to nursing education, including remote certified practice, cultural competency and emergency services. Our goal is to always have a minimum of 2 nurses working in each clinic along with 1 public health nurse for the valley that works closely with the CCHR’s to provide care and promote programs within each community;

Integrating traditional wellness in improving the health education of the client’s living within each Nisga’a community;

Provide family centered care to improve the overall wellness of the community;

Nursing Services

There are 3 types of care given at the clinics within the valley:

Emergency Care
  • For seriously injured or seriously ill individuals needing immediate care during and after clinic hours.
  • May involve treating the immediate concern and transferring the client to a higher level of care (sometimes with nurse escort).
  • Consulting on call physicians by phone for decisions regarding client care.
  • Examples of emergency care include but are not limited to:  anaphylactic allergic reaction, cardiac/respiratory distress, new or lasting seizure activity, acute trauma, infants in distress, elders with new complications, lacerations requiring suturing.
Urgent Care
  • For illness or injury that needs attention but not immediate care (within 12-24 hours)
  • Often seen during and after clinic hours.
  • Involves treating the concern with less possibility of transfer to a higher care facility.
  • Still involves possible consultation of an on-call physician.
  • Examples of urgent care include but are not limited to: sprains, strains, minor cuts, low-grade fevers, and even flu/cold-like illness depending on associating symptoms.
Non-Urgent Care
  • Individuals seeking treatment for a health concern that if left for hours to days, does not increase the likelihood of a life-threatening outcome.
  • Takes place during clinic hours, often not even requiring an after hour’s phone call.
  • Care includes identification of an issue and assisting the client in a plan to manage the issue or concern.
  • Often does not need but may involve physician consultation depending on the plan for management
  • May involve other members of the healthcare team
  • Examples of non-urgent care include but are not limited to: Cough/cold, muscular discomfort, medication refill, lab work;

Case Management

Linking individuals with allied health professionals as part of a treatment plan.

Other Benefits/Services

Access to medical equipment including but not limited to ECG, Holter monitoring, vital signs, medications

Clinic supplies to help meet the care needs when in the clinic

Lab draw days in clinic on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (hours vary by clinic):

Gingolx 8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Laxgalts’ap 8:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m.

Gitlaxt’aamiks 8:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Visiting professionals such as CSFS Diabetic Team, Dr. Huang- Arthritic Specialist, Mobile Mammogram Program

Our Services

Nisga’a Valley Health Authority (NVHA) is committed to improving the health of our people, our communities, and our Nation. Effective health service delivery is key to improving Nisga’a health. The NVHA prides itself on the highest level of physicians and nurses it recruits to deliver health care services to all peoples resident in the Nass Valley. NVHA medical staff are experts in their respective fields, and they are dedicated to strengthening the health of people within Nisga’a communities.


Available to Nisga’a Citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


The physicians in the Nass Valley provide comprehensive primary care services to the 4 communities of Gitlaaxt’aamiks, Gitwinksihlkw, Laxgalts’ap, and Gingolx.


Responsible for providing quality, essential healthcare services to the 4 communities of Gitlaaxt’aamiks, Gitwinksihlkw, Laxgalts’ap, and Gingolx.

Dental Services

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Psychology Services

Find help from our Community wellness team.

Suicide Prevention

The Community Wellness Team is available to help.

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