NVHA Student Kinesiologist Olivia Yung Taking Her Health Care Career to New Heights

NVHA Student Kinesiologist Olivia Yung Taking Her Health Care Career to New Heights
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Olivia Yung Growing Her Health Care Career with NVHA 

Olivia Yung, a Nisga’a Valley Health Authority (NVHA) student kinesiologist, enjoys helping patients regain their mobility and live a healthy, active lifestyle.  

Olivia grew up and lives in Calgary, Alberta. She has many fond childhood memories.  

My brother and I pretty much lived outdoors. We often hiked and played soccer and street hockey,” said Olivia.  

Tragically, when Olivia was a teenager, her close friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness and passed away. He inspired her to pursue a health care career 

While I didn’t get to tell him I got accepted into medical school, I know he would have been super proud of me,” said Olivia.  

In 2020, Olivia began her kinesiology degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She’ll finish it in two months.  

“I’ve learned a ton about physical activity and how it can help patients improve their physical and mental wellness,” said Olivia.  

 Olivia began a medical program at the University of Calgary in 2023 and will complete it in 2026.  

I’ve been learning a lot about the types of pain and how to treat them,” said Olivia.  

Two years ago, Olivia discovered NVHA offered a kinesiology practicum and decided to apply.  

The pandemic just ended, and I really had the travel bug. I was also really interested in learning more about Indigenous communities,” said Olivia.  

Not long after, Olivia discovered she was one of the successful applicants and began working with NVHA  

Under the leadership and guidance of NVHA’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Christie Chan, Olivia has become a fantastic kinesiologist.  

Late last year, she conducted a community survey to help medical staff understand how they can provide better services for citizens who have or at risk of metabolic syndrome. It’s a medical condition that raises your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke. 

Similarly, since starting her role, she’s helped create personalized workout programs for patients, shown them how to perform their assigned exercises, and given them advice on how to be more physically active. 

She often works with the elderly and those with medical conditions, injuries or mobility issues.  

Olivia will continue to work for NVHA for the foreseeable future. She provides most of her services virtually, but sometimes travels to the valley for work. Her next work trip there will be in June.  

If you’d like to see Olivia, please get a referral from your doctor.  

Work aside, Olivia likes to canoe, bike, paddle and hike. She’s also training for a triathlon.