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Nisga’a Health Benefits


The Non-Insured Health Benefits program is located in Gitlaxt’aamiks. Non-Insured Health Benefits staff include:

  • Ashley Green, NIHB Reception 1-877-773-5030
  • Sandra Stephens, Patient Travel Clerk
  • Natasha Azak, Patient Travel Clerk
  • Susan Azak, Patient Travel Clerk
  • Holly Baxter, Patient Travel Clerk
  • Helen Leeson, MS&E Claims Assessor (Medical Supplies & Equipment and Vision claims)
  • Genevieve Mckay, MS&E2 Claims Assessor (Medical Supplies & Equipment and Vision claims)

Team Lead

  • Cheri-Ann-Green   1-877-733-5030



Non-Insured Health Benefits application are reviewed in accordance with the NVHA NIHB Policy, please contact the NIHB office for general inquires to the NIHB program.

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Non Insured Health Benefits

The Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB) is the Nisga’a Nation’s needs-based health benefit program that provides supplementary benefits for eligible Nisga’a people.

The programs include:

Medical Transportation (Patient Travel)
Medical Supplies & Equipment
Short-term Crisis Intervention
Mental Health Counselling
Great-West Life Cards (card orders are completed on Fridays)

Canada Life administers the following programs on behalf of the Nisga’a Nation:

Pharmaceutical (prescription drugs)

If you need to speak to Great-West Life directly regarding dental or pharmaceutical benefits, please call 1-800-957-9777. Please have your Great-West Life number ready when you call.

Please forward all dental and pharmaceutical requests directly to Great-West Life at the following address:

Winnipeg Health & Dental Benefit Payment Office
PO Box 3050 Winnipeg, MB
R3C 0E6

Our Services

Nisga’a Valley Health Authority (NVHA) is committed to improving the health of our people, our communities, and our Nation. Effective health service delivery is key to improving Nisga’a health. The NVHA prides itself on the highest level of physicians and nurses it recruits to deliver health care services to all peoples resident in the Nass Valley. NVHA medical staff are experts in their respective fields, and they are dedicated to strengthening the health of people within Nisga’a communities.

Dental, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies & Equipment

Babies First Fill

To assist new parents with the cost of prescription drugs while waiting for their child to be registered.

Crisis Intervention Counselling

Short-term Crisis Intervention Counseling may be provided by a recognized professional or a mental health therapist when no other services are available to the client.

Appeals Process

If a Non-Insured Health Benefit is denied, you can appeal the decision…

Medical Supplies & Equipment Program

To assist clients to obtain medical supplies, and medical equipment through a medical prescription.

Payer of the Last Resort

A funding source that may be used only after all other available public and private funding sources have been accessed.

Medical Transportation

Providing medical transportation to the nearest health clinic or hospital to receive health services not available in your home community or …

Pharmaceutical Program

The purpose of the pharmaceutical program is to assist clients to obtain prescriptive drugs through a medical prescription.

Vision Program

Providing eye health and vision care that is available to registered Nisga’a citizens.

Need a Doctor for Check-up?

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