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Medical Supplies & Equipment Program


The purpose of these benefits is to assist clients to obtain medical supplies, and medical equipment through a medical prescription.

Medical supplies are products for personal use, and are listed separately.

Medical equipment are items not consumed or depleted by the individual on a regular basis and are listed separately.


Product limitations:


  • Multivitamins are a benefit for infants only, and up to 2 years of age.
  • Single entity vitamins in therapeutic strength for specific pathology may be provided as deemed necessary by NVHA medical professionals.
  • Prenatal vitamins are a benefit for females aged 12 to 50 years.
  • Accutane requires prior approval for females between 12 to 50 no prior approval for other NIHB clients.


What is covered?


  • Audiologist (hearing aids)
  • Medical equipment (wheelchair, walker)Medical supplies (ostomy, bandage, dressing)
  • Orthotics and custom footwear
  • Pressure garments, prosthetics, oxygen therapy, Respiratory therapy


Criteria Used by NVHA’s NIHB Program


  • The item is on the NIHB MS&E list. Items not on the MS&E list are products, fixtures, or equipment permanently installed in the home (ramps, bars screwed to the wall, etc.).
  • The item is intended for use in a home setting or other ambulatory care settings.
  • Prior approval when required is granted by the NVHA-NIHB Program Team Lead/Designate.
  • The item is not available to the client through any other federal, provincial, territorial or third party health care program.
  • The item is prescribed by a physician or medical specialist as indicated in each of the benefit areas.
  • The item is provided by a recognized provider as indicated in each of the benefit categories.
  • NVHA MS&E/Vision Assessor has access to the MS&E Benefit list.

The same criteria will apply to all items listed under “What is Covered”.


How to Access MS&E Program Benefits

Step 1:  All MS&E items require prior approval. Please bring your prescription to an appropriate provider and they will contact our MS&E/Vision Assessor for the appropriate form(s) to be completed with required medical information from your prescribing specialist.

Step 2:  Request will be reviewed, and if prior approval is granted, a PA number will be provided for billing purposes.

Step 3:  Only then should a provider proceed with the fabrication, fitting or dispensing of the item.  In the case where a prior approval is not granted, the provider and client will be advised with the reason(s).


What are your responsibilities?


  • Non-Insured Health Benefits is the payer of last resort, so please claim under any other health plan before accessing Nisga’a NIHB.
  • Tell the provider that you are eligible to receive benefits under the Nisga’a NIHB Program and provide your Great West Life benefits number, and your Nisga’a Citizenship number.